Mark Riley

Freelance Designer

Right from an early age I can remember picking up crayons and exploring colour! All be it scribbles or doodles on my parents walls but as I got older I eventually learnt that being artistic was a special gift to be managed and explored! Give me a paintbrush, some chalk, coloured pencils, clay, camera or computer and I'll be in my element of my own imagination and creating something with vision!

All through my schooling I enjoyed every opportunity to be creative, even having my poster on display at the Natural History Museum in London at the age of 9 and I'm proud to still have in my possession a Blue Peter competition badge!​

Continuing my exploration, I decided further education at Art College's gaining experience in design, ceramics and photography. I was then given a fantastic opportunity to join a Norfolk based agency working with some very talented people specialising in all aspects of design and printing. This was my eye opener for a career in which I continued for 18 years with this particular company and the latter part of those years managing a graphic design studio in Norwich. Bringing me up to date working freelance for my own business Mark Riley Design.

Apart from the creative side, I enjoy life and the great outdoors, travelling, fitness, canoeing, angling and a latest interest of skydiving for charity.​

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